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Keeping within our brand, which is fresh, casual and welcoming, we create  homes for our clients that they connect with by highlighting their collections, interest and life style.

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I'm all about living on the coast, I grew up on the coast and going to the beach and running in the sand.  I love the sound of those waves crashing on the shore, the salt air and the beauty of the ocean meeting the earth.  So, here at greywoodhome we make you feel comfortable in your home at the beach and on the coast.

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I'm an interior designer with classical training from San Diego State University in Interior Design.  If you need a new kitchen, bath or the entire house designed I can get that done for you.  The shop is located in Cambria, California and our studio is located in the small town of Cayucos, California.  Come in and get a taste of our style.

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